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Published: December 28th 2021

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Newt and QuicheNewt and QuicheNewt and Quiche

The ecstasy of smells!

Even in winter, the nature reserve “Limerick Forest” delighted our eyes with endless vistas of tall and tumbled trees along a leaf-strewn path. Incidental sheets of thin ice crackled under-foot, some just deep enough to wet the toes of our shoes, but easily avoided. My niece and great-nieces brought me to this still woodland for exercise and fresh air.

Slightly frozen puddles drew their two dogs, Quiche and Newt, into the ecstasy of wet skin, further scrubbed by vigorous rolling in patches of thin snow. The animals’ unbridled joy burst into super-sonic races amongst the trees, terminating in playful, noisy tussles. Daunted only by being placed on leashes when their barking became hysterical, they forgave and forgot the moment freedom was restored. View the video.

A boardwalk carried us over the delicate marsh-land by the lake. Winter blue reflected from the sky onto the surface. Straw-yellow clumps of grasses dotted the water and the shore-line. Beavers had built two lodges in the still water. Quiet fell on us from the motionless scene and our peaceful spirits.

Later, back at my sister’s house overlooking a placid stream, three otters swam into the depths and brought out fish for their lunch. Followed even

later by a flock of wild turkeys feasting on bugs and grubs in the faded lawn. View the video of the otters eating fish.

View map showing Limerick Forest.


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