Technical restrictions are forcing Princess Cruise to continue travelling with problems

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Published on : Tuesday, June 21, 2022

technical issue

Technical issues are making Crown Princess move slower. Earlier in April, the vessel experienced a severe amount of technical issues. The problems have not been resolved to date. The ship is thus not able to travel at its full speed. The ship has still made to travel several miles. The problems are now leading to itinerary changes.

The vessel had undergone severe itinerary changes on the trip to Alaska. The trip has been made after two years. The largest cruise operator, Carnival operation has not been able to fix the major problem in the cruise. The issue has affected the time schedules of the ship. Passengers have complaints regarding the valuable time they have been losing. On Alaska trips, the cruise has developed a record of arriving at least one and another half an hour late.

The ship is experiencing issues with its generators. The lack of maintenance is also making the ship work less than its potential. Lack of time and working stuff are major reasons that the ship is not getting the treatment it requires.

On-board credit is being offered to the passengers. The amount has been kept to $100. This can be utilised to buy paintings, spa treatments and shore excursions. This is been called goodwill credit. The passengers are been told beforehand regarding the issues. Guests are also warned before time regarding the possible itinerary changes that might disrupt the seamless travelling experience.  

The ship will sail to Skagway after Alaska. The call is between 6 am to 20:30 pm on 12th July. Other calls include Icy Strait Point and Glacier Bay. The ship will go to Victoria, British Columbia on 15th July.

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