The restaurants in the Spanish island of Mallorca is set to introduce dress code

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Published on : Tuesday, June 21, 2022

The restaurants in the Spanish island

On the Spanish island of Mallorca, around eleven seaside restaurants have recently introduced dress code rule for the visitors. This was done in an attempt to take disciplinary action against the antisocial behaviour among drunken tourists.

From now on, in these eleven restaurants, majority of which are located in the Playa de Palma, can no longer be visited by the customers who are either shirtless or costumed or clad in football-jersey, said Juan Miguel Ferrer of Palma Beach. It’s a seal of quality which was created by the local businesses to which the restaurants belong.

Juan Miguel said that we’re trying to tell people by introducing this mandatory that to enter in any of these restaurants, from now, you should either go to shower or change your outfit. No more, one can enter here directly in beach clothes or come straight to these restaurants from drinking in the streets.

This decision was actually adopted after seeing recent rush of tourists who were apparently more interested in drinking than trying the local delicacies or explore the charm of the island, he said. We’ve been suffering since May in terms of the landing of huge groups of tourists who are only interested either to get drunk in the streets, or on the seafront.

Ferrer said that these tourists arrive at the hotels at 10am and by 2pm; they can’t even walk properly due to their drunkenness.

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