This weekend Brits can brace heat-wave

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Published on : Friday, May 20, 2022

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The Brits can look forward to more sweltering temperatures this weekend before heavy and persistent rain means a washout for the start of next week. After several days of hot weather and thunderstorms, it is set to be slightly cooler today but still with the threat of some thunder and lightning.

A weather front from the Atlantic is becoming more dominant and bringing rain with it while it has been competing with a high pressure system bringing a North African plume. Over the coming days there is likely to be a split with rain to the north and west while it remains largely dry in the South East.

The forecaster Ben Rich said that any more thunder and lightning in the outlook? Well for Friday this frontal system to the south east of us does look set to bring some heavy thundery rain but most of it will stay across the near continent, some perhaps fringing into south eastern parts of England.

This band of rain pushing in from the west, this could generate the odd thunder storm as it pushes eastwards during the day.

And even where we see some sunshine a few heavy, possibly thundery downpours will pop up. Temperatures a little lower on Friday, 14C to 19C, that’s actually around the average for the time of year and it will be quite breezy.

The Met Office forecaster Aidan McGivern said that the temperature could rise to 24C on Sunday as he looked at the weekend weather.

Then on Sunday he added that for northern England, sunshine and showers, by the afternoon but towards the south east corner, staying largely dry through Sunday with some sunny spells with temperatures a little higher than Saturday, 23C perhaps 24C in London. The high teens elsewhere across England and Wales mid teens for Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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