Top 5 Questions To Ask A Medical School Consultant

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Applying to a medical school is a hectic process. That is why a med school admissions consultant can always be a great option to go for. Whether you are worried about your test scores or having trouble describing your background, hiring a consultant will never let you down. But you might be wondering what type of questions to ask  before choosing med school admission consultants? This article has five essential questions that you can ask to choose the best medical school consultant.

How Much Experience Do You Have With Admissions?

This is the best question to start with. Always make sure of the experience before spending on consultants. Make sure of their expertise, their time in the field, and the roles they have been a part of. Asking this for med school admission consulting service will provide surety that your chosen consultant has played a part in the certain admission process. You will be able to know that they have enough experience and knowledge that you are seeking in your consultant.

What Is Your Rate Of Success?

Don’t you want to make sure that you get admission to medical school? That is why this question plays a crucial role. It will ease the process of selection after knowing the success rate of the candidate. Always look out if they are honest and more transparent about—

  • Their relationship with clients
  • Success rates
  • Transparency while giving information about failures and success. Someone who is more transparent is more likely to help you throughout the process.

Do You Have Any Experience With A Student Like Me?

It would be a great idea to ask this question to a candidate if they have any experience with the students who share the same background as you. Whether you have a high or low GPA or score in MCAT, always make sure about their prior experience with someone having a similar qualification. A consultant should always know about the thing that you need help with.

What Am I Paying For?

This is the most important and the best question you can ask a candidate. As you know, medical schools are really expensive. You can’t leave any errors while selecting a candidate. It is your right to know about the services they are going to provide you and how much time they are going to devote to you.

Was There An Impact Of Covid-19 On Admissions?

The right consultant must have up-to-date knowledge about this scenario. As a new applicant, you can face certain scenarios in the upcoming future. Covid-19 surely had an impact on the admission process as it forced everything to be conducted online. That is why it is beneficial for you to grasp the knowledge about this so that you have no loophole while preparing for the admission process.


So these were all the important questions to ask a med school admissions consultant. Whether or not you were able to choose a consultant, asking the right questions will ease the process and will help you choose the best. We hope that the questions we have mentioned above will help you choose someone suitable for the task.

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