Tourism of South Africa & its revival

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Published on : Friday, May 20, 2022

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On Thursday, while speaking to media people before her Budget Vote, Lindiwe Sisulu, the Tourism Minister, South Africa, explained that as the Department of Tourism is working day and night to calm down tourism and strategise for revival. The department is connecting with stakeholders and trying to chalk out ways on how to construct a flexible and inclusive sector.

She said that the sector preserves its potential to produce new jobs as the second-highest gross domestic product earner of South Africa, she said. The sector has always been one of the most profitable ones, adding billions to the local economy behind job and small business development.

As a result of its geographic distribution and low barriers to entry, the sector generates financial activities, small to medium-sized enterprises, and opportunities and service for low- and semi-skilled rural workers.

The tourism sector provides many opportunities related to SMME, starting right from vehicle manufacturing for the car-rental industry to textile manufacturers that accommodation providers and restaurants buy.

For tourism created direct jobs, one supplementary job is created on an indirect or induced basis, making powerful connections compared to agriculture and education industry.

At present, in the tourism sector, a major turnaround is being witnessed, albeit from a low base, with majority of performance of the sector showing an improvement in last year.

In the country, travel by locals has increased by 173%, as foreign visitors increased by almost 254%.

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