Tourism reopening brings in tension as third of bus businesses close due to COVID

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Published on : Tuesday, February 8, 2022

When borders start to reopening, the Bus and Coach Association is quite worried as there won’t be enough operators to convey the tourists around.

Ben McFadgen, Association chief executive, have recently explained that about a third of the industry had closed due to COVID. In coming months, Ben said that another third of businesses were giving out signs of they might get closed in the coming months.

The association was looking for government financial support to keep the industry afloat. McFadgen stated that they had also pushed to be included in any support for tourism but weren’t included.

The impact would be clear if demand for services increases as the borders have started reopening, he said.

He said that it’s important to fund tourism; however, as huge people would be pouring in, they would need a way to get around.

McFadgen said operators had tried to pivot their businesses, but ended up running their reserves dry.

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