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Published on : Friday, May 20, 2022

Tourism authorities in China

In China, since 2011, May 19th has been declared as the Tourism Day. On this day, we travelled around to take pleasure in the gorgeous natural scenery that’s scattered all over China and observe this special day with complete fervour. Also, China Tourism Day is observed to improve public awareness in terms of travel safely, environmental-friendly travel, responsible travel, and other travel practices that are sustainable.

Located in Shaanxi Province, China, the city of Xi’an is famous for its prehistoric city walls and the Terracotta Warriors. Other gray brick walls of Xi’an lining the adjacent valley have recently got a new life with colourful as well as intricate murals portraying the scenes of the 1,200 years ago Tang Dynasty. The paintings depict daily lives of the people during that time, along with the markets and architecture. It showcased the time when Xi’an acted as the capital of China and seen the rise as well as the downfall of one of the greatest dynasties in China.

In Harbin, Heilongjiang, the graffiti of the street has developed to a completely new level. Series of tree trunks in the Nangang district have been painted with bright murals where people can see different animals in cartoon avatar, including, rabbit, peacock, monkey and horse. On tree holes or surface, these murals are painted to protect the damaged section of the tree.

Through the mist as part of the performances on the plains, a dozen of the native horses are herded each morning. They run through the Luan River, with herders demonstrating their skills.

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