Travelers are Getting Overwhelmed with Navigating Options with Navigating Options

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Published on : Saturday, April 23, 2022

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The recent study published by Expedia Group Media Solutions reveals that even though booking, 90% of consumers show interest in sustainable options but 70% feel overwhelmed with navigating options and making the right choices to be a more sustainable traveller.

The recently published Sustainable Travel study from Expedia Group Media Solutions and its additional insights show:

  • In order to travel more sustainably, almost 70% of consumers are prepared to sacrifice some element of convenience.
  • Even though it’s expensive, almost 3 in 4 travelers would go for a destination, lodging, or transportation option that supports the local community.
  • From destinations, tourism boards, or visitor resource groups, around half of travelers want to see more sustainability information.
  • Recommendations for businesses and restaurants and transportation options locally owned having lower environmental impact is one of the important types of sustainable travel information that consumers are interested to see when planning a trip.

Travel brands should go for sustainable travel information which is easier to comprehend and show the value and impact of responsible travel choices.

Travelers are now interested to know that travel brands are committed to sustainability, not just checking a box.

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