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Published: December 15th 2021

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On our way to New Zealand we had quick stop over in Hawaii. It was actually cheaper to fly via Mauii and Honululu than flying straight from LA to Auckland.

Someone recommended to stay at the Banana Bungalow Hostel in Mauii, so we thought we check it out. Best decision ever. The hostel was so chilled and for around 30$ a night all the day tours were included as well. We stayed in a 6 bed dorm, but we got the room all to ourselves for 5 days. Everyone from staff to other guest were super nice. They had a small back yard with a hot tub and a kitchen. Everyone hu g out in the evening over a few beers and we met a lot of very interesting, mainly surfer dudes from California, but also a couple fellow travelers passing through.

The first day we went on a small van tour to the other side of the island to go snorkeling with turtles. Apparently I am not very good at this activity as I kept freaking out every time my face went under water. Didn’t quiet grasped the concept of breathing through the snorkel. I actually had to

wait for the turtles swimming right underneath me so I only had to stick my googles under water to see them. Everyone else got to see a lot more marine life than me, so spent the rest of the day at the beach working on my tan and the beers we brought.

Later that evening we went to a small beach bar where they made the best Mai Tais. We tried to watch the sun set, but apparently the sun sets in Hawaii don’t last that long. You blink and the sun is gone. Our first day in Mauii was wonderful and we were so glad that we decided to make a stopover.


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