Turkish Cypriot President Tatar gives govt mandate to Sucuoğlu

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Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) President Ersin Tatar gave the mandate of forming the new government to the National Unity Party (UBP) Chairperson and Prime Minister Faiz Sucuoğlu.

Tatar received the heads of political parties as part of efforts to form a government, according to Turkish News Agency-Cyprus (TAK).

Speaking to reporters following the meeting, Sucuoğlu said they plan to complete the government forming process without wasting time and present the new Cabinet list by Monday morning.

They aim to complete the process by Ramadan Bayram, also known as Eid al-Fitr, Sucuoğlu stressed, saying they will first meet with the coalition partners Friday evening, and their program will be clarified after that meeting.

Tatar, for his part, said, “As a result of the evaluations and negotiations, I came to the conclusion that the only person who can form the government is Sucuoğlu.”

On Wednesday, Tatar accepted the resignation of the government.

A statement was released regarding the government’s resignation following a meeting between Tatar and Sucuoglu, TAK reported.

The coalition government of the UBP, Rebirth Party and Democrat Party was formed on Feb. 21 under the chairpersonship of Sucuoğlu and approved by Tatar.

Last October, Ersan Saner, then-prime minister of the Turkish Cyprus, submitted his resignation to the president.

The island of Cyprus has been mired in a decadeslong dispute between Turkish and Greek Cypriots, despite a series of diplomatic efforts by the United Nations to achieve a comprehensive settlement.

Ethnic attacks starting in the early 1960s forced Turkish Cypriots to withdraw into enclaves for their safety.

In 1974, a Greek Cypriot coup aiming at Greece’s annexation led to Turkey’s military intervention as a guarantor power to protect Turkish Cypriots from persecution and violence.

The TRNC was founded in 1983. It has seen an on-and-off peace process in recent years, including a failed 2017 initiative in Switzerland under the auspices of guarantor countries Turkey, Greece and the United Kingdom.

The Greek Cypriot administration entered the European Union in 2004, the same year Greek Cypriots thwarted the U.N.’s Annan plan to end the decadeslong dispute.


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