U.P. Assembly polls | Vote BJP to prevent U.P. from becoming Kashmir, West Bengal or Kerala, says CM Yogi Adityanath

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It will not take much time for Uttar Pradesh to become Kashmir, West Bengal or Kerala, if Uttar Pradesh voters commit a lapse, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has said on the eve of the polling for the first phase of the Assembly election.

His appeal to voters on Wednesday evening through jibes at other States, including two ruled by non-BJP parties, did not go down well with the (CPI-M).

“Kerala has consistently ranked as the best governed State and U.P. one the worst governed States. CM Yogi urging voters to vote BJP out to become like Kerala,” the CPI(M) tweeted.

Earlier, in his appeal to voters, Mr. Adityanath, who faced the challenge of becoming the first incumbent in three decades to retain power in the State, said many unprecedented things had happened in Uttar Pradesh since 2017.

“Be careful. If you err, water will be poured over the hardwork of the last five years. And this time, UP will not take much time to become Kashmir, Bengal or Kerala,” said Mr. Adityanath in a video message.

The Chief Minister told voters that their vote was a “blessing” for his “penance of five years” but asked them to also keep in mind that this “vote will act as a guarantee for your ‘bhay-mukt jeevan’ (life free of fear).”

In another tweet, the CPI(M) said Niti Aayog’s Sustainable Development Goals Index ranked Kerala as number 1 while Uttar Prdesh was one of the worst performing States.

“CM Yogi says voting BJP out will make UP become like Kerala. Voters take note,” the CPI(M) said in a sarcastic retort.

Kerala is ruled by a Left Front government. Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan also reacted to Mr. Adityanath’s comments and tweeted. “If UP turns into Kerala as @myogiadityanath fears, it will enjoy the best education, health services, social welfare, living standards and have a harmonious society in which people won’t be murdered in the name of religion and caste. That’s what the people of UP would want.”

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