UK weather forecast: ‘Tropical heat’ and 24C highs at weekend

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Published on : Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Harsh storms sweep thru North Carolina

Brits are set for some “tropical warm air” at the end of this week where temperatures could hit 24C in the south.

Former tropical storm Alex is sweeping in on Thursday night and during Friday bringing some heavy rain and unseasonable gales but it will be far from the severe weather and flooding that hit Florida before it moved east.

It will also bring warm weather especially for the south of the UK which will miss the worst of the wind and rain, and could see highs of 24C on Friday.

Met Office forecaster Darren Bett said that there is going to be some tropical air heading their way later this week.

Ex-tropical storm Alex is set to bring warm weather as well as wind and rain. He said it is likely to be fairly warm in the run up to Friday.

There are some weather fronts heading their way, most of the rain is probably coming in overnight and through Wednesday on that weather front there and an area of low pressure, said Mr Bett.

That band of rain does move away from eastern parts of England but the rain will get stuck really across the central belt of Scotland so a cooler day here on Wednesday.
Some cloud, rain, pushing back into Northern Ireland, England and Wales seeing some sunshine and showers.

Still some heavy ones in eastern parts of England on Wednesday afternoon as the showers become fewer in Wales and the south west. And temperatures getting up to 21C, a little cooler perhaps than Tuesday.

The Met Office is warning of possibly severe gales on Friday for the north of the UK but Mr Bett said that the worst of the storms could miss the country.

Forecaster Clare Nasir said that in the west they will see the winds pick up some strength and outbreaks of rain. And this will mean an unsettled end to the working week.

However before that a brief ridge of high pressure will bring some fine weather on Thursday morning with some sunshine before that rain moves in and then the winds will pick up some strength particularly in the north west.

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