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Published: December 29th 2021

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Wow, a long and fun day, but not without some trials. We had to be at the Lahaina Wharf at 6:55 am!!! and were late ☹ which put our photographer in the back of the Zodiac boat (lots of movement) and near the fumes of the engine (fortunately dissipated quickly once we got going). Every spout and breech was at “1 o’clock” and of course David was back at “7 o’clock.” He was not happy that he couldn’t see anything. However, our fortune soon changed and there were spouts everywhere. We left from Lahaina and wandered around in the channel between West Maui and Lanai. We learned/were reminded that mama cows don’t eat during their time in Hawaii, but the calves, born at 3000 pounds, are gaining about 100 pounds a day off the milk, which is evidently like cottage cheese (who tried it?) Whales don’t travel in pods, and the males can be quite aggressive, having “competitions” in attracting the females — including that they butt heads and brush their barnacle against the others. We followed one of these “comp groups” for quite some time, and David ended up with a few magnificent photos, as you can see.


headed off to the Black Rock at the Sheraton with our snorkeling gear, from about 10-12. That too was fraught with angst – Jean and Megan went off together but David had trouble getting his fins over his new temporary shoes, and got rolled in the surf and lost one of the underwater cameras. He spent most of the time trying to find us, wondering if perhaps Megan had actually taken the second one – because how was it that he couldn’t find a camera with a float strap? Completely oblivious to that, Megan and I saw many nice fish close to the Black Rock, but found no “booty” – a family story of 1983 – Heather and David found a huge gold man’s wedding ring. It was churned up a bit with sand in the waves, so though I saw quite a variety of fish, I didn’t capture them on film, plus my camera battery died – but within 10’ of getting out, in about 4’ of water, we saw a turtle and the battery had recovered a tiny bit to enable me to photograph it. David and I went to 2 help desks– we thank the honest people

who found it and turned it in at the second one.

Time to race back to the ranch to make up lunches. David needed a nap to recover from his Dramamine, Heather and Anna walked across the street to do some shopping, Andrew and Mike played pickleball part deux, and I did Duolingo while watching Megan in the pool.

We had a 4:45 booking at Kimo’s – we had been there in 1982 and Anna had fallen asleep at the table! Very tasty and a lovely view over the waters. Fish tacos, tender ribs, lobster topped mahimahi, and some pina coladas – yum. We wandered around a bit but as usual are all exhausted and need to go to bed – after all, right now at 9 pm my body keeps thinking it’s 2 am!!! No wonder we are tired!


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