What Are The Different Types And Benefits of Product Photography

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There are many ways to take pictures of products. If you sell electronics or tools that can be bought on their own, you will have to take simple pictures of them. In other situations, there may be more to product photography in Toronto. For instance, if you want to take pictures of clothes and models.

When done right, product photography can help improve the whole customer experience. Customers can judge your products even if they can’t see them in person, and it also helps them feel more connected to your brand. Instead of just a list of descriptions and product names, pictures give your e-commerce site a more immersive feel.

Why is Product Photography Necessary?

Before talking about the different kinds of product photography, let’s talk about why it’s important. More than 21% of the people in the world use the online method to shop for things. But it’s hard to get such a large number of online buyers because the market is so crowded. About 90% of the 1.66 billion people who make up 21% of the population think that picture quality is an important part of online sales.

You can’t put up a low-quality or blurry picture of your product and expect people to buy it. Whether you are showing off your product on your own website or eCommerce site, the pictures should stand out and make people want them. Even if they don’t need it, they should want it. Because that’s how much power a good photo has.

Different Types of Product Photography

There are many different types of product videography or photography. The best types for your business and product will depend on what you sell and what information you want to share with customers about those products.

These are the main kinds of product photography:

Individual Shots:

These are clear, simple pictures of the whole product. For this kind of shot, the product is usually set against a white background.

Close-up Shots:

In a detailed shot, the camera zooms in on certain parts of the object. For example, you could zoom in on a piece of clothing’s lace pattern.

Scale Shots:

For a scale shot, you put the item next to something, like a ruler or a coin, that helps people figure out how big the item is.

Lifestyle Shots:

This kind of shot shows how the product might be used in the real world. For instance, you could show someone using a tool or going hiking while wearing the clothes you are selling.

Benefits of Product Photography

Conversion Rates

More than half of online shoppers say that pictures of products are a big factor in their buying decisions. By giving customers good photos of their products, businesses can increase the number of sales.

Lower Returns

Accurate product photography in Toronto helps reduce the number of returns, which costs money to process and cancel out sales revenue. 22% of returns happen because the product looks different in person than it does in the photos.

Social Sharing

If your customers like the pictures of your products, they are 40% more likely to share them on social media. In this way, product photography helps you build your brand and get more people talking about you online.


By spending money on product photos, businesses can give themselves an edge over other online retailers. Even if their product selection is smaller or their prices are higher, businesses may have the edge over competitors if they have good photos of their products.

Product Evaluation

Customers are better able to judge a product before buying it if they can see more than one kind of picture of it.


Pictures of your products help customers decide which items they want to buy from your store. Shoppers may see differences in photos that aren’t written and mentioned in product descriptions.

Visual Browsing

Pictures let customers look around your store without having to read long descriptions to find things that interest them.

Product photography in Toronto not only adds quality to the pictures but also helps to increase your product sale. You can take your online business to the next level by uploading quality and clear images by choosing the best product photography.

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