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It is a piece hard to safeguard the long username and Gamer labels so to beat what was happening and to make it in the short IP locations of Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation the xResolver is everything place where you can manage so. An incredible advantage for a gamer is that xResolver creates a special IP address that is not difficult to remember.

In this aide, I will show you how it functions and what are the elements.

What is xResolver?

Xresolver is an online stage that changes over Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation Gamertags and usernames into straightforward and short IP addresses.

As a matter of fact, the usernames are not difficult to track and it expanded the likelihood to be hacked by a few miscreants. So the main arrangement is to change the usernames and Gamertags in to some exceptional structure that ought to be hard to follow.

So xResolver tracks down the most effective way to safeguard the protection and information of the client from the programmers.

How to utilize the Xresolver?

There is no advanced science to utilize Xresolver. The specialists created and planned it in a manner so involving in any event, for a beginner is simple. Be that as it may, in the event that you don’t have any idea how to utilize it then read the means underneath:

Go with the authority landing page “https://xresolver.com/”
At the left sidebar pick Xbox Resolver or PlayStation
Just enter your “Xbox Gamer tag” to produce a special IP address or “IP address” to return into the Xbox gamer tag
Press the “Resolve” button and you have done!
The interaction to create a PlayStation username into a one of a kind IP address as well as the other way around is equivalent to above for Xbox Gamertag.

How to Blacklist and Remove Myself?

Indeed, if you have altered your perspective and need to eliminate yourself from the xresolver server then don’t concern you can eliminate or conceal in a smooth manner. When you boycott yourself on it then nobody can track or hack you on the grounds that your IP and usernames will be eradicated from xresolver data set server.Pacman 30th Anniversary
To safeguard your security on the Microsoft and Sony’s administrations simply look at a few fundamental stages beneath to boycott or conceal IP:

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Utilize a legitimate VPN to conceal your IP address. The VPN will change your ongoing movement to another geological area
Stay in contact with your ISP to change your IP address
Try not to join arbitrary gatherings and have little to no faith in anybody on irregular individuals since they will attempt to redirect you to take benefits
Never share your own data like IP address, Games labels, or Usernames with anybody
Enlistment interaction to open full access on Xresolver?
To oversee Xresolver, read the means beneath:

Visit the authority site “https://xresolver.com/”
Click the “Register” button on the upper right corner of the landing page
Enter the Username, Email address, and Password,
Retype your secret phrase to affirm the secret key and press the Register button
In the event that you are enlisted on the server as of now, essentially click login then enter your username and secret phrase.

About Xresolver

xResolver site was made in 2017 that works for 2 different names, “Xbox” and “PlayStation.” xResolver has not just the capacity to change the Xbox or PlayStation usernames or gamer labels rather it has additionally different highlights, for example, IP Logger, PSN Username, IP Storage, IP checker, Phone Lookup, and Nmap Port Scan.

As per the most recent information assortment, the xResolver has:

Enlisted Users: 241,586
Live Users: 1,168
Data set Count: 24,735,431.
Disclaimer: This content is only for instructive purposes.

FAQs about xResolver
What is xResolver?
Xresolver is an internet based site page uncommonly intended to change over Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation Gamertags and usernames into extraordinary IPs organization to safeguard the action on the server.

Is Xresolver Illegal?

Your IP address can be followed by some specialized hacking apparatuses however xResolver conceals your IP address from the assailants. So in such manner, it is the best way to safeguard your association on the web for the game.

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