5 Weeks Ultrasound: What All To Expect From The Procedure

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It is an undeniable fact that your body goes through major changes once you are five weeks pregnant. Nevertheless, most probably you will not come across any type of exterior changes in your body. A lot of you might not know that your body is already doing its level best to nurture the embryo that is already growing. Basically, an embryo is responsible for developing imperative things, including the spinal cord, brain, blood vessels, and the heart.

Now, when it comes to taking a glance at your baby, you can get it whenever you want to. With that said, if you still have not experienced any complications with your pregnancy and you are healthy, wait till twelve to fourteen weeks for your very first ultrasound. The reason behind this is it is very early to take a look at the organs of the baby. In fact, with 5 weeks ultrasound, most certainly you will only get to see the gestational and yolk sac. Sometimes you might not even get to see these two sacs. With that being said, let us determine the reasons for getting a 5 week ultrasound.

Why might you get a 5 week ultrasound?

There are some ladies who prefer to get an ultrasound during their first trimester itself. This is done to determine the duration of the gestational sac that normally is visible in a 5 week ultrasound.

If you are someone who has already had a past of pregnancy problems or miscarriafe, having an early ultrasound is your safest bet. In addition to this, if you have conceived through in vitro fertilization, having an early ultrasound is recommended. Apart from this, bleeding after you are expecting a baby also calls for an ultrasound.

What to expect during a 5 week ultrasound?

If you are getting a 5 weeks ultrasound done, it will be done through the vagina. No transabdominal ultrasounds will be done because these are normally done once the woman is due for her delivery. When a sonographer performs a transvaginal ultrasound, they insert medical equipment inside the vagina. It is known as a lubricated wand. The equipment takes pictures and they are later seen on the screen itself, and the sonographer will be able to examine. The ultrasound is not at all painful, however, one may feel a little discomfort.

What do you get to see during an ultrasound?

A lot of patients get worried if they are not able to see their baby. Are you one of them? Well, there is no need to worry if you cannot see your baby. The embryo is very tiny- say about 2mm. This is the time when you will only be able to see the gestational sac and the yolk sac. The sac that surrounds the embryo is called the yolk sac. It looks like a very tiny circle. It is the yolk sac that produces blood cells during the early stage of pregnancy. In addition to this, the yolk sac also nourishes the embryo.

Now, the yolk sac is surrounded by a huge black area that is the gestational sac. This sac includes amniotic fluid and surrounds the embryo as well. Expect to see the gestational sac anywhere from the early stage to 5 weeks pregnancy.

Are you pregnant and want to get a 5 weeks ultrasound done? Get in touch with your doctor and get it done.

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