Augmented reality in education

The Role Of Augmented Reality In Education

Augmented reality quite frequently finds itself beneficial on the educational front. Augmented reality in education includes elements that improve kids’ learning capacities and provides broader possibilities. It introduces concepts that build children’s problem-solving,…

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mcat tutor

How to Prepare to Ace the MCAT Exam as a Medical Student

Medical students who are preparing for the MCAT need to do more than memorize a bunch of facts! To qualify for the MCAT, you’ll want to take practice tests and flashcards, but you’ll…

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Pursue After Primary School

Courses One Can Pursue After Primary School!

As the school year comes to a close, many primary school students are left wondering what to do with their newfound free time. While some may be content with vegging out in front…

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unnamed 5

Why Are Driving Lessons For Teenagers Important?

Most parents would agree that the teenage years can be some of the most challenging when it comes to raising children. There are a lot of changes and new experiences that teenagers go…

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Personal Statement Writing

Do’s and Don’ts of Personal Statement Writing For Medical College

A personal statement can be a daunting task. How do you distill your entire life and identity into just a few paragraphs? What should you include, and what should you leave out? Applying…

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​​How Is Math Used in Civil Engineering?

A civil engineer employs practically every type of mathematics at some point during the course of her work. On a daily basis, algebra is used, and many engineers will have to deal with…

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Reasons Why Accreditation Is Important for Career Development

An accredited institution offers students programs that meet set standards. Accreditation means that the college or university receives government funding which equips students with resources to facilitate their education. Listed below are reasons…

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Best certificate courses for civil engineer students

Just having a bachelor’s or master’s degree isn’t that efficient to find or get hired for a job in any company. If we talk about civil engineering, then being a civil engineer you…

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All About After School Programs And Activities

School education nowadays is changing continuously, be it the syllabus or the patterns of the education board. But one thing always remains the same— after-school programs. Parents need to make sure the kids…

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ACID Properties

DBMS Notes – ACID Properties and Transaction

A transaction is an activity or sequence of operations carried out by a single user or application software to read or update the database’s contents.  On the other hand, The ACID qualities of…

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