11 Amazing Tricks for A Wonderful Sexual Life

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30-Second Summary

  • Satisfying sex life is as important as overall health.
  • Sex reduces stress and may boost your immune system.
  • Sexual health deteriorates with advancing age as testosterone levels decline with age.
  • Regular exercise, doing Kegels, eating a nutritious diet, longer foreplay, and redefining sexual expectations may boost your sex life.
  • You must avoid substance abuse and smoking to maintain a good sex life.
  • You can take natural male enhancement supplements like Horny Goat Weed to spice your sex life. Always read reviews before you buy and use them.
  • Doctors can recommend the best male enhancement pills if many of the tips fail.


As you age, your bodily changes affect your sex life. Testosterone, the sex hormone in males, declines with age. With time, you may experience erectile dysfunction and reduced sex libido. Some diseases reduce blood circulation and general physical fitness which affect sexual stamina. 

But, if you lead a satisfying confident life with good communication, you can have good sex life. Try a balanced diet, do regular exercise, or seek sex therapy. 

Still, you can get longer foreplay, get touchy with your partner, be patient with yourself, and avoid drugs abuse and excess alcohol. You may also take top-rated male enhancement pills or use other natural supplements.

Sexual Health Facts

  • Enjoyable sex keeps you stress-free, eliminates depression, and improves your immunity and mood. 
  • Sex libido, sexual performance, enjoyment, and stamina usually decline with increasing age as diseases and lower testosterone levels affect sexual health.
  • Other factors like religion and culture influences sex life in different areas.
  • Some medications for other conditions may affect sexual health, so ask your doctor about possible side effects.
  • To maintain sexual health, always exercise for at least 30 minutes daily.

11 Tricks for Optimum Sexual Health

  1. Never treat sex as a burden – Relationships and sex therapists say you should never deny each other sexual favors. Let your partner enjoy sex as much as possible. Never bring complications when the partner wants sex. Instead, be interested and excited whenever appropriate, or explain politely, why you won’t do it that time.
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Always design ways to make it possible. Spend quality time together in a romantic mood. E.g., you can shower together, play games, tease, and joke.  

  1. Avoid smoking, substance, and drug abuse – Several drugs and steroidal substances interfere with body hormones. Blood vessels may get damaged, including the arteries and veins. Some affect heart health and libido. Studies show that smoking restricts blood flow to the penile area, making erections less intense. 
  1. Avoid excess alcohol – Excess alcohol consumption isn’t only harmful to your health, but it also harms your sex life. Reliable studies show that drinking alcohol reduces testosterone levels by over 15% 30 minutes after the drinking session. As a result, some people may temporarily fail to achieve an erection when they overdrink. So, if you wish to enjoy sex more, take alcohol in moderation or avoid it.
  1. Learn Kegel exercises – Experts say you can do Kegel exercises at any time. Whether standing, lying down or seated, you can do the exercise. To do Kegels, contract and hold the pelvic floor or PC muscles tightly like you do when holding urine. 

Relax and breathe in and out freely as you do Kegels. You can hold for 2-3 seconds each time and do about 10 repetitions or more. This helps you avoid premature ejaculation and last longer during sex. For women, they can get more sexual sensations and explosive orgasms.

  1. Lengthen your foreplay – Sex therapists advise that engaging in prolonged foreplay increases your arousal and sexual orgasm. In short, don’t rush into penetration. Caress each other for some time until you yearn for each other.  
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Let her ask for it after you do foreplay while teasing each other. You will slowly achieve the heat of passion which leads to sexual enjoyment and better sex life.

  1. Change your sex enjoyment expectations as you age – Sex desire and performance reduce with age. Testosterone and many other sex hormones decline with age from age 30. 

So, be patient and lower your orgasm and performance expectations to avoid disappointments. Think about the enjoyable moment that you can achieve.  

Kissing, hugging, or sleeping in each other’s arms can be your definition of sex. Even one round after several days can work if you redefine your idea of sex.

  1. Engage in regular workouts – Good sex life and exercise may be inseparable. For one, regular exercise increases blood flow to the penis, which leads to better erections. Then, resistance training boosts testosterone levels which increases sex desire, gives better erections, and improves sexual performance. 

Also, Kegel exercises prevent premature ejaculation. Regular exercise gives you better heart health, which enhances sex. Exercise helps you enjoy different sex positions without getting tired or injured. It makes you more confident and happier for better sex life.

  1. Touch your partner regularly – Ask your partner where she wants, in a diplomatic way. Show your partner your erotic zones. Touch her anytime you bump into her without necessarily asking for sex. 

Ask her how firm you need to touch her, and practice it. With time, you will both enjoy the touches. This will improve sexual arousal. 

  1. Vary your sex positions – Try using different sex positions to build sex excitement. Don’t use the missionary position only, as this makes you less excited if it’s the only style you use. For instance, the doggie style (penetration from the back) helps you stimulate her G-spot more and may lead to better orgasm for your partner.
  1. Eat a balanced nutritious diet – Do anything else but eat well. Make sure your food has vitamins, proteins, carbs, and minerals to remain healthy and strong. 
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Add fruits like watermelon and green vegetables to remain healthy. Consume natural herbs like Horny Goat Weed and Ashwagandha, which may boost sexual stamina and desire. 

  1. Sex therapy – Sometimes, you may require a sex therapist, especially where poor sexual health is related to stress or male performance anxiety. However, sex therapy doesn’t directly teach you about sex.  

Sex therapy or counseling helps you deal with male performance anxiety, stress, and attitude. It may allow you to overcome negative emotions for better sexual responsiveness. 

Try Male Enhancement Pills or Supplements but Consult Your Doctor

Sometimes, things may turn worse in your sex life. Ask your physician to suggest top-rated male enhancement pills for better sexual health.

You may read any Horny Goat Weed review to see if the natural supplement could help before taking other male enhancement pills. Goat weed has few or no side effects.


Overall health is good in your life, just like good sex life. Quality sex makes you relax, boosts confidence, and reduces stress. It keeps families and relationships together as couples enjoy each other’s company. Additionally, sex is like exercise and an emotional booster. 

For good sex life, try a balanced diet, lengthen foreplay, exercise, and get sex therapy, among others. Additionally, you may read a Horny Goat Weed review or two to know if Horny Goat Weed may spice your sex libido and performance. 

Consult your doctor before taking any male enhancement pills. Natural male enhancement products may help solve your sexual health problems for satisfactory sex life.

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