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Published on : Monday, April 25, 2022

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Authorities in Jordan issued warnings to citizens after a dust storm raged over Jordan on Saturday and caused disruption to the kingdom’ aviation operations.

The National Center for Security and Crisis Management warned the population, especially those with respiratory problems, to remain vigilant and to avoid going out, especially in the northeastern parts and in the capital Amman.

The center warned of low visibility, especially in the desert areas, saying the dusty weather conditions would persist over the next three days.

Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission (CARC) Chief Commissioner Captain Haitham Misto said that low visibility procedures (LVP) had been applied at airports to ensure safe operations during the current sand storm hitting the kingdom and the entire Eastern Mediterranean region.

Misto added that planes were flying over the Queen Alia Airport waiting for the sand storm to slow down to be able to perform low-visibility landings.

The official didn’t say whether any flight had been diverted or canceled as a result of the sandstorm.

Authorities in the northeastern city of Mafraq dealt with flash floods coming from nearby Syria on Saturday night.

Mafraq Governor Suleiman Enjada said some citizens living on the borders with Syria were evacuated from their houses.

Public Security Department (PSD) urged citizens, especially those living in the eastern, southern and central regions, to remain vigilant in light of the dust storm and the accompanying low-visibility conditions.

The PSD also warned of the possibility of flash floods mainly in the northeastern regions.

A large plume of Saharan Desert dust was reported to be blowing over Egypt and the Eastern Mediterranean, shrouding many parts of the region with a heavy sheet of grey and orange dust.

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