Best Places To Visit In China

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China is considered to be the best tourist destination spot in entire Asia. It is one of the countries in the whole world that has many mysteries associated with itself whenever it comes to travel. The place is completely considered the embodiment of some exotic locations that continue to excite a lot of people. Today, China has developed in terms of economy, but certain iconic locations have been able to maintain their simplicity. These facility locations have been the ultimate by-product of customs and the new modern state that has always been focusing on a better tomorrow.


 In such a situation, it becomes important to celebrate the culture of China and the underlying idea to visit the beautiful Landmark and iconic places of China. In this article, an attempt will be made to provide a list of all the reasons in the form of beautiful locations that have made China a perfect tourist destination. All the iconic locations would be able to justify the inclusion of this country on the wishlist of so many people. The list of the most beautiful locations has been given following. 

The great wall of China

The Great Wall of China is one of the most magnificent pieces of architecture. This is considered the longest wall that can stretch across 6000 km from east to west in China. It can cover at least 7 boundaries of the cities in the first place. This particular piece of architecture was built in the 7th century. This is a masterpiece in itself, and it is believed that it is also visible from the Moon. 

Whether this news is correct or not is not known, but however, it is important to mention that it is a beautiful place to visit in itself, and most people visit this wall whenever they go to China. It can depict the beautiful and minute architecture of that place. This great wall of China can also offer beautiful scenery because beautiful forests on all sides surround it. So if you are planning to visit this place do that immediately because nothing can be more beautiful than this view. 

The forbidden city

This is one of the most important and beautiful buildings in China. It is also known as the Imperial Palace, which is situated in the heart of Beijing. It was built somewhere around 1271. This particular place was able to depict the residence of so many kings and rulers of China. This is considered the largest building in China, spread across  720000 square kilometers. A 10 M high wall protects it. It is important to mention that there are many beautiful buildings available in this particular Palace. 

Everything from the architecture to the Ambience of this Palace is pretty amazing. There are many small buildings which we can easily discover there. It is considered an important place with a huge amount of strategic importance in the history of the town. There is also a huge Palace Museum and a temple of heaven worth visiting at every cost. The Ambience of this place is pretty amazing, and that is why all the people who visit China want to go there no matter what. 

The terracotta army of men

This is another one of the beautiful locations in China which has a huge connection with history. Basically where there are 3 large underground pits. The most important intention of this infrastructure was to protect the Palace of the ruler who was ruling in this particular location. This entire structure can include more than 8000 life-size Warriors, including 520 horses and 100 chariots. 

The Representation has been able to honor the life of all the soldiers who lost themselves by fighting the battles on behalf of the rulers and the kings. This is a beautiful architectural place available in China, and most of the people who visit China also want to visit this place. It will be able to represent the proper perspective and, at the same point in time, develop the entire situation. 

The summer palace

This is one of the beautiful Landmark locations that are available at a 15 km distance from Beijing. It is one of the most beautiful Parklands and one of the most visited locations in China. It is spread across 700 acres and was built in 1153. It is important to mention that this beautiful Palace was built around the lakeside to enhance the beauty of the Imperial Gardens. It is able include the magnificent Hall of benevolence as well. 

It also contains the wall of happiness in which visitors go to meditate. But some part of this Landmark location has been destroyed by the colonial forces of the mid-1800. But it remains one of the most loved tourist destinations that most people want to visit whenever they visit China. It can offer a beautiful view because it is surrounded by water from all sides. 

Cruising the Li river

This is another one of the most beautiful towns available in China. It is a beautiful location to spend your vacation in. It is surrounded by beautiful rivers that have many floating boats within it. This is able to provide beautiful scenery similar to a fairy tale. 


This is one of the most beautiful places that all the people want to visit. It is also surrounded by some of the most romantic keeps like Mount of unique beauty and elephant trunk hill. So if you want to visit this place, do not think at all and go to this place because this is the best that you can actually visit. 



It has to be concluded that all of the above-mentioned Landmark places are very iconic to visit whenever you go to China. This is the best type of place you will enjoy to a great extent. All of these places are the most important places in which you can spend your time properly. This will improve the quality of the trip and make sure that you get the best time to visit many important locations in China.

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