Can’t Attach Files in Outlook Email? Find Best 9 Solutions

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Check to see if you’re sending such a file that Outlook considers unsafe. If so then, make sure to attach it as a compressed or zipped folder for sending without inconvenience.
See if you’re using the Rich Text Format of files. If yes then, switch it to HTML or Plaintext format to easily send files from Outlook email.

We all know that Outlook is ‘ace email software’ of Microsoft and is also a part of Microsoft Office Suite. It is also available for almost every Operating system whether it is Windows, Mac, Linux, Android or any other. 

But, sometimes users complain that “Outlook won’t let me attach files from my computer” or that “I am unable to attach files in the Outlook app.” So, let us directly ask you this—

Are you also facing a similar problem where you want to send a very important Outlook email message with attachments but are unable to open or send it? If yes, then there’s no need to worry as you’re luckily reading the right post.

Here, we have discussed in detail all the possible solutions to solve this problem.

So, without wasting any second further, let’s get started—

Why Can’t Users Attach Files in Outlook?

Users, who are connected to a mailbox by either using Outlook on the web (formally known as Outlook Web App or OWA) or its desktop version, usually receive can’t add an attachment to an email message or one of the following error messages:

“The following files couldn’t be attached: Filename. Please try again later.”

“The following files weren’t attached because adding them would cause the message to exceed the maximum size limit of 10 MB: filename.”

So, it is quite clear from these messages that the discussed error occurs because the attachment exceeds the message size limit as the default maximum message size for an attachment is 10 megabytes (MB).

Now that you know why you’re unable to attach files in Outlook email, it’s time to apply the below-mentioned solutions to get rid of the error encountered—

Try These 4 Main Solutions First