Chocolate factory in Phillip Island to welcome tourists and create more jobs

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Published on : Saturday, June 18, 2022

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Phillip island is going to have a brand new chocolate factory. Andrews Labour Government is going to expand support a local tourist attraction for additional funds to create the chocolate factory. The central agenda behind this plan is to create yet another reason for the tourists to be crazy about Phillip island.

Minister of Industry Support and Recovery, Martin Pakula visited Phillip Island Chocolate Factory. The factory will be supported by Labour government’s Program. The plan is expected to develop about at least 25 new jobs.

Factory Owner Panny Letchumanan has expressed gratitude to the Australian government for the support. He also said that he is also feeling wonderful as they could share their passion for the chocolate to more people now.

The plan will be very help to create new job opportunities for the local people. Supporting the economy becomes easier with the new chocolate factory. The boosting of tourism also become evident and inevitable.

The budget of the project is $1.4 million. Several new machineries will be required to install the plan. On successful completion of the project the factory will be able to produce 550 tonnes of chocolate. This is almost equivalent to the weight to a full Airbus A380 airplane. Previously, the factory could produce only 35 tonnes of chocolate.

The plan will add sweetness to the tourism of Phillip Island. IN 2019, the Island has welcomed 2.7 million tourists who stayed about 3.1 million nights. The factory is likely to increase the whole sale market possibilities.

Minister Martin Pakula has been very optimistic regarding the plan and expressed his hope about the possible growth that this business can provide to the local economy. The factory is counted among 28 small to medium size businesses who get grant from Business Competitive Program. The program aims to create a sweet experience to the local people and tourists by supporting the industrial growth.


Jordan Crugnale is on the opinion that it will be very useful method to restore the tourism possibilities of Phillip Island that will ultimate contribute to the Australian tourism.

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