Day 1 of my Holiday in Croatia

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Published: December 28th 2021

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Day 1:part 1

11 August

I remember their trip like it was yesterday.

I woke up around 6:15 am half asleep looking like I have bin in a fight the day before because of my big eye bag showing due to the lack of sleep. Although I was tired I knew we had to leave otherwise we would not get on our plane in time. With this in mind I sprung out of my bed and got ready with excitement gleaming across my face and body. Keep in mind I am not an adult so I didn’t have stressful things like passports and boarding passes to think about.Everyone else then not so gracefully got out of bed and ready for the day which turned out to be one of the best days of my life(for real).

It was around 7:15 when the taxi arrived, the car was shining from the street light reflecting on all the windows. My dad then gave the taxi driver the airport we were flying from, and with that we set off to the airport. I remember when we we were travelling to the airport there were very few to no cars on the road. This was an unusual feeling as I have never seen that little number of cars as I usually go in the car when it is daytime and the roads are filled with traffic jams. Over than this strange feeling like we were in an apocalypse and everyone else was infected by the zombie disease, it was quite nice. I had a small case of butterfly’s in my stomach as back then I had a minor fear of planes. Not specifically just a plane but the idea that a metal tube with wings can fly for hours on end is just crazy to me. I was also scared that for some reason it would crash land in the middle of ocean or sea, this is a crazy thought however as planes are actually safer than cars.

For some reason I have this major obsession with airports. I think it is just the excitement of going through security and seeing the really expensive shops that no one buys from but people still browse in. I remember being able to buy one snack from the airport to go on the plane, if you know me you know that I would never pass a chance to buy some chocolate. After drooling over all the chocolate I reached the decision of Toblerone, which I was quite proud of considering there were other options like Cadbury.

After waiting in our boarding area for half an hour and eating three quarters of my chocolate we finally boarded on the plane to Croatia.To be honest I don’t know where specifically the airport was were we landed but I do know it was near Dubrovnik.

On the plane we were sat in these velvet comfy chairs and I was next to the window(my favourite seat). Me and brother always fight over the window seat but this time we flipped a coin and I won by guessing heads!
Once we were up in the air I felt free inside even though I was stuck in a plane with hundreds of strangers. The clouds were as white as a marshmallow and it felt like you could fall onto them without breaking a bone because they were so soft. Clouds are my favourite because you can imagine them into all different types of shapes.
The sea down below was glistening and it looked so peaceful you could mistake it for heaven!If only there would have been dolphins I would have thought it would be heaven!

When we were landing I remember seeing these lush green trees everywhere which is unusual as Croatia is quite hot.

After having a steady landing we exited the plane, leaving the plane in a hot country is always great as you can feel the hot air tickle your face.To be honest I don’t remember the airport just getting picked up.It was this middle aged Croatian woman who drove us to the town. It was about 45 minutes and I remember the views and scenery being breathtaking but suddenly we passed a corner and we saw the town we were going to be staying in,it was magical.


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