Despite warning, people enjoying flood tourism in Assam

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Published on : Monday, June 20, 2022

flood tourism in Assam

The Chief Minister of Assam Mr. HimantaBiswaSarma held a video meeting with his colleaguesin the Cabinet, Deputy Commissioners along with high-ranking officials to review the state of affairsof flood.

Chief Minister Sarma asked the Deputy Commissioners to make sure that all possible waysof assistancereach the flood-ravaged people. CMSarmaasked the officials to deliver baby foods in relief camps along with other places which have been impacted. He opined that the Assam government is also thinking about airdropping food items wherever they areneeded.

As per latest reports,more than 42 lakh individuals in 33 districts have beenimpacted due to the deluges. In all, 1.86 lakh people are in availingaccommodation at provisional relief camps. The Army along with NDRF and SDRF are carrying onsaving and assistance work. Increasing water levels have caused a lot of harm to infrastructure along with roads and bridges.

However, on one side, when the army personnel are clearing wreckage and dead bodies, people can be seen enjoying the deluge, as if it is a prolonged summer holiday. In spite of continuous warnings, people are defying them and crowding in large numbers at the river banks to watch the gushing waters.

Taking selfies is another important part of this now infamous ‘flood tourism’. Ignoring all dangers, men and women can be seen clicking selfies at several areas.

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