Destination BC granting $4.2 million for supporting 84 tourism projects throughout British Columbia

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Published on : Thursday, June 2, 2022

Destination BC

Destination BC is granting $4.2 million for supporting 84 tourism projects throughout British Columbia this year with the help of its Co-operative Marketing Partnerships Program. This grant is for fostering a cooperative “Team BC” approach toward tourism marketing and further supporting the sector as it gets back from the pandemic woes.

The said program would assist partners in driving consumer demand and increasing tourism revenue by investing resources where and when capacity is present, making use of private and public funds to make the most of marketing impact, and creating deep cooperationfor increasing joint global effectiveness as an industry, which has become more and moreimportantwith the resumption of global travel.

The program was originally designed to necessitate new annual applications, matching up with industry funding, and it has been alteredin the course of the last three intakes for removing these requirements, in the wake of the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic on the tourism industry of British Columbia.

For the last seven years, this program has buttressed communities in every junction of the province, aiding new and conventional marketing enterprises for both tourism destinations, along with important undertakingslike golf, ski, mountain biking, wine tours, lodgesin backcountry, camping, RVing and fishing.

Besides sector-based subsidy, the program also backs community groups: a group of communities, local communities, regions and regional districts, business relations, along with other community partners who congregate to advertise their unique selling proposition in a joint fashion that binds them together.

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