Factors To Consider Before Buying An Apartment Intercom System

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Any location may be made more secure by installing an intercom system. In addition to residential buildings like apartments, intercoms are frequently employed in business establishments. The benefits of the current device are numerous, and one of them is a difficult-to-match sense of safety within your home. One of the best products in this category is Swiftlane’s apartment intercom.

There are a few considerations that you should make if you are purchasing an intercom system. Typically, it comes down to your specific needs.

What is an apartment intercom system?

An apartment building’s intercom system enables visitors to enter. Visitors can approach the main building entrance’s entry system, make a selection, and contact a tenant. The occupant within the building receives a buzzer signal as a result. A video intercom mobile app or an audio phone call can be used to answer the call by the resident. They can speak with the visitor before remotely unlocking and buzzing the door.

How does it work?

A notification that can be received as an audio or video call is sent from one gadget to another through an intercom system. A data signal is sent from one device to another using nearby cables to operate a wired intercom. Wireless intercoms use telephone lines or internet-based servers to start an audio or video conversation between two individuals, alert the other user, and initiate the call.

Why invest in apartment intercom systems?

You might be wondering why residents in apartment buildings find intercom systems to be so useful. Having an intercom system for your residents and their visitors has a lot of benefits, including the following:

  • Improve communication – First, apartment intercom systems assist residents of the building to communicate more effectively. They can use the intercom system to figure out who is there to meet them and allow them to enter without having to walk down to the main door.
    Important announcements can also be made over the intercom system to all of the building’s residents. Additionally, they make it simple to locate and get in touch with a certain person immediately in case of an emergency.
  • Versatility – Intercom systems are incredibly adaptable. Numerous modern intercom systems have a range of features that support the efficient operation of buildings, guarantee the safety of everyone residing there, and let them know when visitors are arriving.
  • Crime prevention – The existence of an intercom system can prevent criminals from trying to break into an apartment complex for malicious purposes.

Anyone entering the facility with an intercom system must identify themselves and be permitted entry by another person. This makes the apartment building safer for everyone who lives there and helps prevent burglars and other criminals.

  • Affordable security – When it comes to maintaining a building’s security, intercom systems are very useful. Nevertheless, they are reasonably priced. An intercom system should be at the top of your list of priorities if you have a tight budget and a few other options for building security.

What are the types of apartment intercom systems?

  1. Wired apartment intercom system
    For wired intercoms, a cable must be routed from the main entry control to each receiver inside the apartment. They became highly popular for smaller apartment and condominium buildings. They might be able to record audio or video.

  2. Wireless apartment intercom system

Wireless intercom systems allow tenants to receive a visitor call on their mobile phone or another device that is compatible with the system’s software, as contrary to needing a wall mount station within the apartment unit and outside the front door. Renters can now receive guest calls and provide access from anywhere instead of being restricted to a wired intercom system within their apartment. Both telephone entry systems and visual intercom systems can be used to do this.

  1. Telephone intercom system
    Over the past ten years, telephone entry systems have become quite common. These door entry callboxes may be known to the majority. A list of phone numbers can be programmed into the callbox, and it can be connected to a landline or a mobile VOIP system, however, the monthly fee is higher.

  2. Video intercom system
    Visitors and residents can video call each other using video intercoms. To assist older or less tech-savvy residents, smart intercom systems include the option for voice-over-internet protocol (VOIP) calls. Modern video intercom systems are being installed in most buildings. In the past, video intercoms were highly expensive. But while still giving modern features, they are becoming more affordable than telephone entry systems.

Other things to consider before buying an apartment intercom system:

  • Accessibility – If you are the owner and manager of a particularly large apartment complex, you need to be sure that the intercom system you select can handle the daily usage volume.

Think about how user-friendly the intercom system is as well. The system must be simple to use and open to all types of users when hundreds or perhaps even thousands of people are accessing it.

  • Features – What features do you require the intercom system in your building to have? Do you want it to be able to control things such as elevator buttons? Should it be able to operate hands-free and remotely, as well as offer a panic alarm option?
    These days, intercoms come with a wide variety of capabilities. Before you spend money, think about which ones are most important to you. But keep in mind that some features will impact the cost of your system.

  • Location – Consider where you’ll install your building’s intercom systems as well. For instance, where will the intercom be placed in each unit? Where should you put your room station in each apartment or unit for maximum efficiency?

  • Equipment and installation cost – Your financial situation must be considered. What budget do you have for an intercom system? Don’t forget to account for installation costs as well.  It’s advisable to spend money on professional installation always. This will assist you in making sure the system is set up properly. Additionally, it will assist you in preventing any unintentional structural damage that could be expensive.

Apartment intercom systems have many advantages that cannot be overlooked. In addition, there are many considerations to make when selecting these systems.

Following the above recommendations will make it simpler for you to select the system that will work best for your building and keep your tenants safe.

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