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We can’t imagine our closets without denim jeans. They are a great addition to any outfit, from jeans to a business casual dress code. Still, many denim shoppers lack the knowledge to distinguish authentic from knockoff pairs. However, you should not worry if you are also one among them. You’ll learn some handy tricks for spotting genuine jeans in this post. You won’t have to go through the disappointment of buying cheap jeans. Read this post to know the identifying tips of gallery dept jeans and other denim. 

Check the Weight 

High-quality jeans are often composed of a strong, thick fabric. Denim weight should be felt before purchasing. Do you think it’s sturdy and substantial enough? Otherwise, you may be certain that they are not vintage denim. Denim must be more sturdy and substantial than other materials. It’s not a good sign if the denim gives when you touch it or feels too loose. The quality is quite poor. Moreover, ounces are the standard weight measurement for denim. The typical range for the ounce of fabric used in shirts and ultralight denim is 7–10. Slim-fit and spandex-infused denim have an ounce range of 11 to 12. Apart from that, the standard weight for denim is between 13 and 15 ounces. However, the heaviest denim you can get is around 19-21 ounces.

Pay Attention to Stitch

Genuine denim may be identified by close inspection of the stitching. Uniform stitches are a hallmark of quality denim. That is to say, the seams will all have the same design and thread color. You may be certain that the jeans are of the highest quality since they will be uniform in every way. In addition, authentic denim won’t have any loose stitching. There would be no loose ends in the stitching that may unravel. Don’t purchase that pair of jeans if there’s even a single frayed seam. Those jeans definitely aren’t of the highest quality.

Examine the Stretch

If you want to get some stretchy gallery dept sweatpants, you’ll need to do this first. If you want to be sure your jeans have some give, check the label for elastane, spandex, or lycra proportion. The maximum percentage of stretchability allowed is 2%. Plus, if you purchase stretch jeans, it’s best to size down. These jeans relax and stretch with time, which is to be expected. If you buy jeans in your precise size and stretch out after a few wears, they won’t fit as well. Select a size down to ensure a snug fit even after stretching. 

Quality of Zippers and Buttons

The buttons and zippers on a good pair of jeans will be sturdy. Original denim makers won’t waste money on high-quality materials only to skimp on the hardware. From the first step to the last, they guarantee the highest quality standards. The buttons on a new pair of jeans need extra attention to stay securely fastened. Loose buttons indicate poor-quality manufacturing. The buttons on these jeans are very loose and will soon be lost. You should also be ready to replace certain buttons if and when that happens. But why put yourself through strain if you don’t have to? Ensure the buttons and zippers on the jeans are in excellent working order and secure before you buy them. If not, you may find yourself spending more for less.

Check For Care Tags

A genuine gallery dept t-shirt often has care tags attached. If you have them, you can use them to tell the real from the counterfeit pairs. You may find these labels on the zipper pulls and inner pockets. In such a case, you could wish to bring back the lost pair. No matter what, a fake pair is not what you want to buy.

Final Words

With the increasing business of fake things, it’s difficult to tell the difference between an original product and a replica. However, following the points mentioned in the post, you can purchase high-quality gallery dept jeans and other clothing.

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