GNTB Launches its ‘German.Local.Culture’ Campaign Again

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Published on : Thursday, June 16, 2022

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The German National Tourism Board (GNTB) has once again launched its ‘German.Local.Culture’ campaign after a successful unveiling last summer. The campaign highlights more of the numerous ways to understand the country’s national traditions.

Due to the hearteningupdate that visitors to Germany will no longer need a COVID-19 inoculation certificate or even a negative PCR test, Germany’s tourism board is aiming to witnessanincrease in tourist arrivals from the GCC and achance to offer them with a diversity of traditional experiences and understandings into the country’s culture.

YaminaSofo, the Director of Sales and Marketing at the German National Tourist Office said that theGerman.Local.Culture campaign would encourage visitors to emphasize on the exclusive elements of Germany’s culture. One can enjoy experiences that they simply cannot get in other countries. Sofosaid that Germany has a gorgeous tapestry of customsthat are all set for tourists from the GCC to delight in – right from industrial architecture, traditional craftsmanship to indigenous festivals.

Mentioned below are only a small assortmentof the sights and experiences that are on offer, with a particular insight for each of the campaign’s four mainstays:

Green: Hiking with a View in Baden-Baden:Baden-Baden is full ofspectacular valleys and unbelievable views.

Craft: Glass Art in Harz Mountains: Glass art in Germany has a long history and visitors can get an insight into that.

Taste: Leipzig Delicacies: Visitors can treat themselves in traditional German delicacies.

Flair: Tegel Art Park: Here, local and worldwide artists assemble to bring their creative ideas together.

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