Head Shaving: Is It The Ultimate Solution To Baldness?

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Head shaving can be overwhelming for beginners owing to the stigma associated with a bald head. Although times have changed and baldness is more widely accepted, there are people still struggling with it. Male pattern baldness is a common medical condition that has caused severe hair loss issues among young men. Unfortunately, there’s no practical solution to such hair loss problems. So, instead of worrying or being embarrassed about it, grab the best head shaver for men and get done with hair problems permanently.   

However, it doesn’t end with mere head shaving. To make bald look good, proper grooming and maintenance are essential. A dry and half-shaved head will deter your appearance and make you look unpresentable. Many people decide to shave off their heads assuming that they won’t have to put in extra effort to maintain it. Well, that’s a completely bogus assumption. Grooming is the key to looking good, be it a fully-haired or bald head. Hence, if you are planning to embrace baldness and shave your head, you must take the aftercare requirements into consideration. 

Everything from pre-shave and aftershave to the quality of head shaver should be pondered about before going for a head shave. Here’s a quick overview of the whole head shaving regime divided into three segments: 

  • Pre-shave: As the name suggests, a pre-shave routine includes everything that you do for your dome head right before shaving. This generally includes hair trimming, applying a pre-shave oil, etc. 
  • Shaving: This is the main step where you actually shave your head using a head razor. To ensure maximum results and an effortless head shave, it is necessary to choose a good quality electric head shaver that has a sharp and smooth razor head. With this, you can enjoy smooth and cut-free shaving instantly. 
  • Aftershave: Since your scalp area is razored using an electric head shaver, it becomes sensitive and requires nourishment. Inadequate care can make it dry and cause skin irritation. Therefore, after every head shave, it is necessary to cleanse the scalp and apply an aftershave lotion or gel. 

Are there benefits to head shaving? 

Yes, there are plenty of benefits to head shaving. Why do you think so many famous and influential men around the world are sporting the bald look? Of course, there are benefits associated with a head shave that has prompted millions to opt for a bald hairstyle. The increasing number of head shaver options in the market also quite justifies the trending popularity of bald head men coming from different cultures and age groups. You can now find the best head shaver for men available at the most reasonable prices on the market. Huge demand and utility for a head shaver have led to many leading grooming brands to come up with modern designed razors that facilitate a smooth and seamless head shave. The primary benefits of a head shave can be listed as follows:

  • Get rid of hair loss issues – Constant hair loss can be daunting, especially for the younger generation. It is often noticed that loss of hair can make a person develop inferiority complexities and struggle with lower self-esteem. Well, with a clean head shave using a sharp razor head, all of these problems can be resolved permanently. 
  • Appear confident & presentable – A half-bald or low hair density makes a person look appalling and unpresentable. Also, the stress regarding hair loss can make them more underconfident and appear unpleasant. Deciding to head shave can help in such situations as it is extremely important to embrace baldness in order to look good and confident. 
  • Save Time & Money – A bald head can save you plenty of time, money, and effort. The mainstream hair loss issues have led to many fancy hair care products and treatments that cost a hefty amount. However, none of these guarantees effective results. By shaving your head, you can certainly save so much money and time visiting salons and clinics. 
  • Look Younger – Greying hairs or a receding hairline are early signs of aging that can make you look aged and clumsy. With a shaved head, you can hide your age effortlessly and continue to look younger for a longer period of time. It’s just about maintaining your physique and you can be the most handsome and younger-looking person around.  
  • Rebuild your appearance – It’s always a good idea to reinvent your appearance. And what’s better than getting a trending hairstyle that makes you appear more confident and stylish. Also, you can try out new beard styles to upgrade your looks further. 

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Bottom Line 

Head shaving is a completely personal choice and you should think it over before taking the plunge. However, once you do it, there’s nothing more liberating than it. People can encourage you and enlist the benefits but it’s ultimately your choice to make the final decision. The sooner you do it, the better it will be. Transform the embarrassment of baldness into confidence, pick the best head shaver for men, and sport a bold-bald look!

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