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With the rise in stress and sadness due to financial and personal causes all around the world, it has never been more important to invest in self-care. You’re probably wondering what else you can do now that you’re eating well and exercising consistently. What you’re about to read may surprise you, but it’s true that women use sex toys as part of their self-care regimen. That’s right, you read it correctly!! Masturbation, self-pleasure, and orgasms all fall under the category of self-care. Adult toys, like LELO luna beads, are well recognized for strengthening women’s pelvic floor muscles and reviving their sensitivity down there. The Luna Beads are also known for assisting ladies in experiencing intense and long-lasting orgasms.

Why are adult toys getting huge popularity?

People with vulvas have a difficult time having orgasms with penetrative intercourse alone and need an external stimulator like LELO Soraya 2 to do it. In fact, even if you don’t have a partner, utilising sex toys is the simplest method to enjoy orgasms. If you’re looking for clitoral stimulations or G-spot orgasms, a variety of sex toys for penetrative and non-penetrative stimulations are available. Men with erectile dysfunction, whether on medicine or simply fatigued, may not perform sexually well with their spouse and may benefit from the use of some male-oriented sex toys.

What should you think about before buying adult toys?

1. Determine your requirements.

Recognize what your body genuinely desires as the first step toward self-care using adult toys. You must determine whether clitoral stimulation for an intrusive sex toy such as a dildo is the best option for you. Some sex toys have been shown to provide the exciting sensuous pleasure that sexual intercourse does not. Light aromatic candles all around and use your favourite adult toy like LELO Mia 2 to relieve stress after a hot bedtime shower.

2. Health Effects

The adult toy is created in a variety of ways to cater to each person’s unique sexual wants. Whether you want to skip straight to the climax or explore the various erogenous zones of your body, specific sex toys can meet your needs. Furthermore, reading your favourite story before bedtime aids in falling asleep quickly and clearing your mind of all negative thoughts.

3. Increases self-awareness and confidence

Adult toys are well known for boosting confidence and spreading body positivity among guys who are self-conscious about their appearance. Individuals gain a greater understanding of their bodies and what works best for them when it comes to self-indulgence. This aids them in making love to their spouse since they are more aware of how to maximize their sexual enjoyment. When you place a dildo or a vibrator within your vagina, you’ll notice how your body comes to life and which parts of your body turn you on the most. This can also help you practice self-pleasure when you’re not with your partner and miss those personal times.



It’s time to get a sex toy now that you’re certain it can do so much more than increase your sexual joys. Visit Jou Jou Luxe’s official website to learn more about their high-quality, gender-specific LELO adult toys and to place an order.

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