MacBook 12 Inch M7 – Is It A Good Option For Students?

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Despite being out of the market, the MacBook 12in m7 is still wandering around when students are trying to purchase a laptop, and if you’re one of the many that’s trying to get it, you want to do some proper research.

We know that the MacBook 12in m7 is a good option considering that it has a decent price, but you have to remember, there are much better laptops out there that you can purchase. 

To help you out in making the right decision, we are going to talk about the MacBook 12in m7 properly so you or anyone else that’s trying to buy this laptop can make the right decision, especially if you are a student. 

MacBook 12in m7 Specifications 

Here is a list of specifications for the MacBook 12in m7

Screen Size and Resolution Of MacBook 12in m7 Memory of MacBook 12in m7
Screen Size Of  12 inches Level 1 Cache 32k/32k x2
Resolution 2304×1440 Level 2/Level 3 Cache 256k x2, 4MB on chip
Processor Of MacBook 12in m7 RAM Type LPDDR3 SDRAM
Processors 1 (2 Cores) RAM Speed 1866 MHz
Architecture 64-Bit Standard RAM 8 GB
Speed 1.3 GHz Maximum RAM 8 GB
Type Core m7(M7-6Y75) RAM Slots 2
Processor Upgrade Soldered Motherboard RAM 8GB
FPU Integrated Graphics Of MacBook 12in m7
System Bus Speed OPI Video Card HD Graphics 515
Cache Bus Speed 1.1 GHz (Built-in) VRAM Type Integrated
ROM/Firmware EFI Standard VRAM 1.5 GB
EFI Architecture 64-Bit Maximum VRAM 1.5 GB
Storage of MacBook 12in m7 Inclusive Features and Ports of MacBook 12in m7
Standard Storage 256 GB SSD Standard Optical Drive None
Storage Speed 845 – 947 MB/s Standard Ethernet 10/100/1000Base-T
Storage Dimensions Soldered Standard Modem None
Storage Interface Onboard (PCIe 3.0 x 2) Standard Air Port 802.11ac
Battery of the MacBook 12in m7 Standard Bluetooth 4.0
Type 41.4 W h Li-Poly USB Port (C) 1
Battery Life 10 – 11 hours FireWire 400 None
Description of MacBook 12in m7 Keyboard Full-size
Case Type Notebook Inclusive Input Trackpad (Force Touch)
Form Factor MacBook Retina 12” S-Video Output None
Apple Order No BTO/CTO Microphone 1
Apple Subfamily Early 2016 Headphone 1
Apple Model Number A1534 (EMC 2991) Sound Out 1
Model ID MacBook 9.1 Power Adapter 1

Price For MacBook 12in M7

The price of the MacBook 12in m7 is currently at around 1299 USD, which makes it an expensive choice.

If you’re planning to purchase a laptop at this price point, it is better to buy something else, considering that there are better laptops that you can buy at the 1299 price point. The price tag on this laptop is not worth the performance that it will be offering, which is why try to go with something that has a good value and is not that expensive. 

Should Students Buy It? 

No, students should not buy the MacBook 12in m7

This laptop has a ridiculous price tag, which should be avoided by all people. So instead, try to get something that is more modern and can do your day to day tasks easily. This can help you make sure that you are getting a laptop that would last for at least 4 to 5 years for you. Remember, there are so many other things that you have to keep in mind, which is why take your time when you’re trying to make a decision, it can help you buy something that is good for you. 

Can It Run Modern Applications? 

It is unlikely that the MacBook 12in m7 will run modern applications, which is why you should not buy this laptop. This laptop still carries a 2 core processor, and it cannot run the applications that are being mainly used these days, which is why we do not recommend anyone to get this laptop. 

If possible, please get a better version of the MacBook that you can buy today, which includes the M1 MacBook or the M2 MacBooks. They are way faster for the price that they have and every single thing that they have to offer is just amazing. These laptops have better cameras, are more than capable of running modern applications and are way more powerful when compared to the MacBook 12in m7

Summary For MacBook 12in m7

The MacBook 12in m7 is a laptop that is still widely available in the market these days, but the problem with this one is that it has a big price tag, which makes it hard to decide if you need this laptop or not. But if you were to listen to our advice, we would never tell anyone to buy this laptop, considering that this laptop is not even worth what you can buy at this price point in the modern market

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