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Published: December 19th 2021

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Napoleon said “A picture is worth a thousand words” so this blog will be mostly pictures with just little bit of background. After finishing the live aboard snorkel cruise of the Maldives, we went to an all-inclusive resort called Sun Island (#sunisland). As with many places there are many good things and a few not so good things. Amongst the good things were our room. We especially liked the bathroom with its indoor shower AND an outdoor shower and the back porch with its own private pool and a view of the ocean. On the not so good list was the food; granted it was a huge buffet but what they did not tell us was most of the supplemental restaurants were closed. Interestingly the staff ran the gamut from outstanding customer service to waiters who took a break while we waited to get a drink. The best part for us was the activities. We snorkeled on the nearby reef almost daily, I learned to sail, John got multiple foot rubs from the Spa and we both went scuba diving four times. We had anticipated sitting around reading our books but we were so busy we rarely got a chance.

Our Private PoolOur Private PoolOur Private Pool

This seemed like a good idea but it had no shade so we did not spend much time laying by this pool.

I have titled and explained each of pictures…I hope you enjoy them.


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