Medical tourism & tourism should work hand-in-hand, says Mr. Al Qudah

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Published on : Friday, May 20, 2022

medical tourism

In Jordan, Mr. Al Qudah, a lecturer by profession, earmarked attractions like the Ma’in hot springs and the Dead Sea, along with their health proficiency, and identified those destinations as powerful source of health tourism. He emphasized that a strong collaboration with tourism is needed, as the medical travel sector of the kingdom will depend on it to advertise what Jordan can provide in terms of health service and to keep a close track of the medical performance.

Also, discussions are being conducted to create a platform for medical tourism in the kingdom, which would merge tourism and health together.

Crucial obstacles that the health industry is still experiencing include dearth of partnership between healthcare institutions, even though Jordan is targeting to enhance its services related to healthcare and introduce health insurance for all citizens. Also, there is urgency for developing a national epidemiology centre and a transition to primary healthcare. There, the main health centres takes care of all health services.

Also, for the coming 10 years, Mr Al Qudah mentioned that the health sector wants a complete roadmap.

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