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To Do: The Alastair Method

[ad_1] How do you use your Bullet Journal to manage complex todo lists? I have to admit, I have struggled sometimes. The reason for this being that whilst simply listing all of my thoughts, actions…

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On Becoming Grateful – Bullet Journal

[ad_1] Tis the season to be jolly, to give thanks, to count our blessings, and be grateful. It’s something we’re told often “you should be grateful.” The implication being, that we’re not grateful….

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Edition 2 – Bullet Journal

[ad_1] I write a lot about the Why behind the What. The Why > What > How framework is how I approach pretty much everything I work on, from my writing, to my…

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5 Tips to Start Bullet Journaling

[ad_1]  From the outside looking in, the Bullet Journaling Method can feel intimidating. The interpretations range from super elaborate, to hyper minimal. No two bullet journals look the same, so it can be…

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The Identity Compass – Bullet Journal

[ad_1] “Do you know where the most potential in the world is stored?” “No dad, where?” I could feel another lecture coming on, hopefully it was more inspiring than annoying.  “The graveyard.” “What??”…

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Plans vs Goals vs Resolutions vs Intentions

[ad_1] Every year the cycle begins again. Wanting to better ourselves, we make all sorts of resolutions…or is it intentions? Plans? Goals? It’s hard to know because these terms are often used interchangeably….

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BuJo to Serve Communities – Bullet Journal

[ad_1] A million and one things rushing through my mind, I found myself unable to enjoy my honeymoon. This is what brought me to bullet journaling. I couldn’t stop thinking about everything I…

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Intentional Habit Tracking – Bullet Journal

[ad_1] Once a year, I pull out some of my old notebooks, flip through the pages, and take a short walk down memory lane. I find this is a great way to see…

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Puppies, Chains, and Jerry Seinfeld

[ad_1] Did that get your attention? Excellent. I’m writing about habits today, and I’m posting after Dan’s really well-written article, so I felt it was important to mix it up a little bit. First…

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Habit VS Ritual – Bullet Journal

[ad_1] “Make a delicious bowl of tea, lay the charcoal so that it heats the water; arrange the flowers as they are in the field; in summer suggest coolness; in winter, warmth; do…

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