Sabah, if Managed Efficiently can become Renewable Energy Leader of Malaysia

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Published on : Friday, June 17, 2022

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In Malaysia, persistent power outages are recently creating headlines. It’s increasing embarrassment for all Malaysians and at the same time, highlighting the insufficiency of the energy grids.

For Sabahans, the harshness of its effect on tourism and hospitals is impacting on their jobs and putting their lives at major danger. Sabah with no proactive and workable strategy will encounter major challenges in drawing investments, and improving the quality of the life of its citizens.

After 25 years of the privatisation of Sabah Energy Sdn Bhd, inheriting age old framework has actually got broken down with time, not surprisingly, brought frequent transmission as well as power distribution issues all over Sabah.

Even in the present scenario, the energy mix still has 11% from diesel; this need for more renewable energy providers.

If countries like Indonesia is keen on starting everything from scratch, draw investments, and make Borneo its new capital, Malaysia, should also start all over again with the revamping of the energy grid of Sabah.

However, prior to the abundance of resources to make Sabah into a renewable energy powerhouse, many obstructions to a greener future should be managed rightly.

As currently Sabah’s image as an ecotourism hub and the wellbeing of its citizens are at risk, the cycle of maintaining the status quo has to be broken.

In an attempt to encourage more independent power producers to add to their grid, generous subsidies have been provided with unintended consequences.

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