Vadnagar to be developed as a heritage destination

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Published on : Saturday, May 21, 2022


The government of Gujarat has said that the historic city of Vadnagarwill be developed into a heritage destination pretty soon. Heritage tourism features as a top priority for Indian travel and tourism sector, and hence, Vadnagar’s heritage and glory is being given special consideration. Once Vadnagar becomes a heritage tourism destination, it’s sure to attract tourists from near and far.

Vadnagar town is situated in the district ofMehsana in Gujarat. Vadnagar is a town that is historically quite famous, boasting of an account of constant human settlements, which date back to the third and fourth centuries.

The ancient town of Vadnagaris opulent in heritage, culture and has many significant archaeological treasures. Vadnagar was previously known as both Anatapura and Anandapura.

Anyone who visitsVadnagar will find references of Anarthapura or Anadapura in olden engravings and literary sources along with Mahabharata, Puranic tales, and even on Junagadh rock inscriptions.

Vadnagaralso holds significance asan important Buddhist site in India. In the town, there used to be ancient Buddhist monasteries, and its evidence can be found in the unearthing of images of Bodhisattva, that dates back to the third and fourth centuries.

In the year 2009, archaeologists discovered remnants of a 4 kmslong fortification near Vadnagar. The researchers said thatthe remnantsmight trace back from what’s left of ancient Anartapura.

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