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Leaders should revisit the works of three corporate culture pioneers

[ad_1] As consultants, we’ve been working in the world of corporate culture much longer than it has been popular to do so. Over the past ten years, culture has become a regular topic…

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Balancing Complexity and Simplicity in Cybersecurity

[ad_1] Creeping complexity Even a decade or so ago, the technical operations, systems and footprints of many large companies had become extremely costly and complex. Breakneck digitisation in the smartphone era has exacerbated…

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Leveraging AI for Business: The Widening Maturity Curve

[ad_1] The intelligence divide is widening We surveyed 1,018 global executives to better understand the application and impact of AI adoption through the COVID-19 crisis. Respondents were split fairly evenly between those saying…

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How disruption equips us to rethink and reinvent

[ad_1] Around the world, every country is dealing with significant disruptions. Some are global, such as COVID-19. Others are more local, such as Brexit here in the UK.   In very different ways, the…

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China’s digital currency

[ad_1] Since 2009, when bitcoin arrived, a variety of cryptocurrencies has arisen, launched first by start-ups (like Ethereum), but more recently by established players such as Facebook, whose Diem partnership looks to create…

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How business can bridge the gap and achieve net zero

[ad_1] Within the past year, a rapidly growing number of household-name businesses have announced net-zero targets. Their pledges punctuated an immeasurably difficult year with hope; there is a powerful symbolism when major players…

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Six big challenges facing governments in 2021

[ad_1] The year 2020 was full of challenges for world leaders. No country was spared from the COVID-19 pandemic or the related economic, educational and national security crises. Issues of climate change became…

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esg revolution

Are you ready for the ESG revolution?

[ad_1] Societal need and business opportunity are coming together to transform the way companies craft strategy, drive performance, and report results. [ad_2] Source link

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Reaching full business value from cloud investment: PwC

[ad_1] Though companies have been quietly embracing cloud computing for years, 2020 proved emphatically to boards and C-suites just how vital the cloud is to survival and the pursuit of new opportunities. When…

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Family businesses have an opportunity to lead on ESG: PwC

[ad_1] Punching above their weight To explain why family business could play such an outsized role in furthering ESG goals, it’s useful to look at the wider ESG landscape. The move to embrace…

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