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Businesses must monitor their performance in the current market if they want to stay ahead of their rivals. We, marketers, are constantly looking for time-saving, user-friendly technologies. One such piece of software is Weberlo, which is used to monitor ROI and ROAS for businesses. It records all of your sources and alerts you to the best advertising strategies.

Salesforce offers a free mobile app tracking solution called Weberlo that keeps customers informed about your company. The program makes the implementation process straightforward, and the user interface and layout of Werberlo are also good.

What does Weberlo’s ROI tracking entail?


Customers can track ROI (return on investment) and ROAS (return on ad spend) from sources like social media, email, SMS, and SEO using the cloud-based platform Weberlo. Analysis of audience behavior is aided by it. Between your website and traffic sources, Weberlo acts as an intermediary layer for ad tracking and sales attribution.

What Is the Purpose of Weberlo?

The ROI (return on ad expenditure) of all marketing strategies that encourage user involvement with your brand app are measured using Weberlo. For your company, Weberlo is used to track ROI and ROAS. The customer journey, retention rates, user engagement, and ROI for various marketing campaign actions that lead to user contact with your brand app are measured using Weberlo.

How Can Weberlo Be Used to Track ROI and ROAS?

Tracking may be easily set up with Weberlo for all marketing initiatives. It is comparable to conducting an in-app ROI test on your marketing initiatives to determine which ones are generating the most engagement. These are the actions you must take in order to start monitoring conversion and retention rates across all of your marketing initiatives:

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The first step is to create a new Weberlo account. You then need to sign into the app with your user account.
Step 2: After logging in, you will see a new account created in the “My Apps” area of your app.
Step 3: Choose the “Track” option next to that account to view the tracking options.
You can monitor activity both inside the app and outside of it under several sections. To gauge user participation with your brand app, you may also share the data with other programs.

How to Use Weberlo to Track ROI and ROAS

Your company’s ROI and ROAS can be tracked with Weberlo. Here is a step-by-step process for using Weberlo to track ROI and ROAS.

Make a new Weberlo account as the first step. Launch the Weberlo app, then choose “New App” from the dashboard.
Step 2: Click “Add New App” and enter a name for the app and its specific URL. If you’ve created an app in the past, you can edit the information under the “My Apps” section. The “Create App” button must be clicked to move on to the following step.

Access your new account in step three. Choose “Log In” from the dashboard and enter your user information. Your newly created account will show up in the “My Apps” section once you log in.
Step 4: Select the “Track” button next to your newly created account in order to see the tracking options.
Step 5: You can track both actions inside the software and outside of it under several tabs. ROI and ROAS can be monitored. To gauge user participation with your brand app, you may also share the data with other programs.
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Return on investment (ROI) and return on ad spend (ROAS) are two different concepts.
Both ROI and ROAS are useful metrics for examining how a company spends its money, but ROAS focuses on the revenue generated by advertising and marketing expenditures. In contrast, ROI assesses an investment’s performance to ascertain how much income it produced.

What Benefits Can ROI Tracking With Weberlo Offer?

Every successful business must track its return on investment (ROI). It is the most reliable and efficient method for proving which investments are profitable for your company. In order to better understand why tracking and analyzing your ROI using Weberlo might benefit your organization by giving you a competitive edge, let’s take a closer look at some of the primary benefits. There are various advantages to ROI tracking with Weberlo, including:

Budgetary Efficiency

The ability for your business to get advice on how to spend its money is one of the most obvious benefits. If you realize that a certain strategy in your marketing plan isn’t producing the results you want, you might think about reallocating funds to a different strategy. ROI monitoring ensures that you are making good financial decisions and avoiding funding ineffective endeavors.

Organizational Perspectives

You may gather a lot of information about your company and give management useful insights by tracking ROI using Weberlo. The information gathered will cover spending, income, and growth. Such information might help you create future projections, marketing strategies, and budgets.

Determine Potential Growth Regions

Using Weberlo to track ROI can help you identify problems in your company as well as possible areas for growth. It will be easier for you to identify future development opportunities, what is already functioning well, and what can be changed to get better outcomes if you routinely monitor and evaluate your competitors. This is especially important if you want to grow internationally.

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Enhances Worker Performance

If you don’t monitor employee performance, they won’t operate at their best. However, you will rapidly see a significant boost in the general performance of your staff if you track their work and provide them with real-time access to their numerical ratings.

Setting Realistic Objectives

When you begin tracking ROI using Weberlo, you will be able to establish reasonable goals based on data to identify areas for improvement. Consider the long term while defining and setting goals for the upcoming year rather than concentrating on the immediate. This enables a business to improve its overall marketing strategy and boost brand recognition.

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FAQs regarding Weberlo’s ROI tracking

The following are inquiries about Weberlo’s ROI tracking that are frequently asked.

What is tracking ROI?

You can use ROI calculators to determine which marketing initiatives and channels have the most impact on revenue and sales. By measuring how your marketing influences your sales and deals, they enable you to see your digital ROI.

Why use Weberlo to track ROI?

You may show the corporate leadership and yourself how your projects are benefiting the firm by using Weberlo’s ROI tracking capabilities. Second, calculating your marketing ROI can help you decide where to invest your resources in order to develop the most effective plan.

What formula should be used to determine ROI and ROAS?

The most typical calculation is ROI, which is calculated as net income less investment cost times 100.Simple formulas can be used to calculate ROAS. You divide your advertising campaign’s cost by the revenue it is responsible for.

What are the prices and plans for Weberlo?

Different price options are available on Weberlo for businesses and solopreneurs. It costs $99 per month for sole proprietors and $299 per month for enterprises.

What are the ROI KPIs?

Organizations utilize measurement techniques such as ROI (return on investment) and KPI (key performance indicators) to assess how well they have performed in achieving specific goals and objectives.

You can track ROI and ROAS for all of your marketing initiatives, including in-app and out-of-app marketing, using the free mobile app Weberlo. It enables you to gauge user engagement with your brand app and identify the marketing strategies that work best to increase app engagement. If you’re looking for a free way to monitor the success of your mobile app marketing efforts, the app is your best bet.

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