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Need to get a jump on holiday shopping? Amazon just might have the answer

SEATTLE – Amazon is offering a second Prime Day event this year to get a jump start on holiday sales. The event takes place Oct. 11-12. Prime Early Access Sale gives members a…

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IT chiefs vote for innovation, but are they forgetting tech debt?

[ad_1] Despite geopolitical tensions, KPMG’s latest Global tech report 2022 has found there is a widespread appetite across business for new and emerging technology platforms. Based on a survey of 2,200 executives…

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Russia ready for complete switch for domestic IT infrastructure

[ad_1] The Russian government is implementing a massive policy of import substitution in the country’s domestic IT sector, with the support of domestic IT companies, ensuring demand for their products. The move…

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Wholesale Rice

How To Find Wholesale Rice Suppliers?

[ad_1] Buying wholesale rice is a great way to save money while still getting the quality ingredients you need. But where do you start? This guide will walk you through the steps in…

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Whistleblower Peter Duffy calls for oversight of NHS records to prevent evidence tampering

[ad_1] Peter Duffy warned that there is a growing risk of electronic patient records and NHS staff communications being exposed to tampering efforts in disputes with managers and executives, citing alleged email…

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UK suffers third highest number of ransomware attacks globally

[ad_1] UK businesses suffer the third highest rate of ransomware attacks in the world, surpassed only by the US and Canada, with small businesses most at risk of being targeted, according to…

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Potential huge benefits, but lots of lock-in

[ad_1] The growing complexity and diversity of IT is a challenge for CIOs and their teams. The demands of the datacentre, cloud infrastructure, containerisation, and security and compliance all put more pressure…

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Data protection in Finland, four years after GDPR came into force

[ad_1] Generally speaking, the European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has gone fairly well in Finland, according to Anu Talus, data protection ombudsman for the country’s data protection authority. Two…

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The Club Campus Deep Pink is Eye Catching

[ad_1] Club Campus deep pink is expressive and striking. This robust all-rounder from Glashütte is a reliable life companion. A watch for many occasions. Club Campus deep pink features a robust, highly polished steel…

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For the Utility Lover…Deejo Pocket Knives

[ad_1] Deejo creates knives unique to each buyer. Those that are curious by nature can be treated to a personalized and engraved pocketknife. Create your own Deejo first by choosing the finish, handle…

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