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Eastern Germany’s coal belt emerges from the shadows

[ad_1] Where massive bucket wheel excavators once tore through the countryside in central-eastern Germany, uprooting entire forests and towns, today a sea of over half a million shiny solar panels and 460-foot-tall wind…

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Policies alone aren’t enough when it comes to paid leave

[ad_1] The ground is shifting on paid family leave in America. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 23% of private industry workers now have such leave, a figure that has almost doubled…

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Sharpen your strategy document

[ad_1] Strategy documents have become the pack mules of the business world. Like mules, which can carry cargo equaling about 20% of their body weight for more than a dozen miles, strategy statements…

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The new rules of succession planning

[ad_1] Choosing the right CEO is among the top priorities for board directors. It may also be their most important responsibility. But the approach that most companies and their boards have used to…

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Turn the “great resignation” into the “great renegotiation”

[ad_1] The events of these past two years have been like a tornado, throwing everything into disarray. Many businesses have been trying to get back to normal. But there’s no going back. Workers…

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Finnish dairy company Valio is feeding the future

[ad_1] The Inside the Mind of the CEO interview series explores a wide range of critical decisions faced by chief executives around the world. For more insight, see PwC’s CEO Survey. …

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Pay attention to your attention

[ad_1] Once upon a time, the Segway was going to revolutionize the transportation industry. Steve Jobs reportedly said that Dean Kamen’s invention had the transformative potential of the personal computer, and venture capitalist…

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How investing in Online reputation Management is Beneficial for Small Businesses?

When it comes to recruiting new consumers and keeping existing ones your company’s online reputation is in the driver’s seat. Online reputation management service can assist you in keeping both under control. Are…

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